Ektaa: Unity Within Diversity

Ektaa is the premier South Asian interest organization on North Carolina State University's Campus. Since being established in 1970, Ektaa has grown to over 150 plus members, including students, graduate students, faculty and staff. Ektaa's goal is to unite everyone on campus and share the culture of South Asia to the student body of North Carolina State University.

Throughout the year, Ektaa conducts many events that share and spread South Asian culture throughout campus. Some Ektaa events include Diwali Mela, Milan Night, Holi and Ektaa Night. In addition to spreading culture Ektaa stives to unite the Asians on North Carolina State University's campus by providing social outlets, like bowling nights, movie nights, mixers and more. Ektaa is also determined to give back to the community in the form of community service and charity fundraisers. Ektaa is known for donating proceeds from Milan Night and Ektaa Night to local and international charities for the betterment of society.

Ektaa really appreciates your interest in the organization and would like for you to be involved. You can do so bysubscribing to our mailing list and liking us on Facebook!

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